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IP Ball 2016

Following the incredible success of our Trading Ball in December, planning has already commenced for IP Ball 2016. All lifetime members are invited! We hope you can make it down to Australia this December.

Student profile: Benny Lane

A part of our forex training process is ensuring all students have a realistic expectation of results, in terms of how much can be made, how long until they'll reach certain goals, how much time they'll need to commit to learning etc. By making these things crystal clear, it massively reduces "failed expectation drop-off", which is rampant in this industry. If a new trader truly expects to turn a $1,000 account into a $50,000 per year income stream in a few short months, they WILL give up - unless that expectation is adjusted. This is why we set ultra conservative targets for our students to reach early on. 

Despite our attempts to keep expectations tight, every so often a student will come along and completely blow these figures out of the water, massively disrupting the entire community with insane results. Over the last few months, one of those students has been Benny Lane. Read more...

Learn our way, Design your life

Infinite Prosperity training goes far beyond the realm of mere forex trading. Our ultimate mission is to empower as many people as we can to live a life of freedom, prosperity, abundance and purpose. On this site, you will not find false claims, unrealistic expectations or sugar coated fluff. The content written within has the power to change your life in more areas than just your finances. 

In fact, we are so confident what we have to teach will change your life, we have recently started accompanying all new lifetime memberships with a 100% life changer guarantee. This means you can take our course, put in your honest best effort, and within 30 days if you can't see how the lessons will change your life for the better, we'll refund your tuition fee in full.  

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